Destination wedding at Garda Lake

Gardone Riviera, 16th June 2018

Today is the most beautiful day of Barbara and Paolo, who have decided to crown their dream with a wedding on Lake Garda.

Barbara prepares herself by wearing her wedding dress and reaches her beloved who already waits for her at the church of Roè Volciano, and makes her entrance under the looks full of wonder of the guests.

The two exchange votes and rings, while the function proceeds calmly. At the end of the mass the two can finally head towards their wedding location: the exclusive
Torre San Marco.

Here the bride and groom, with the golden light of the sunset, are immortalized by the wedding photographers of Photo27.

The romantic moment of the cake cut takes place with a background of incredible fireworks.

Finally, Barbara and Paolo can finally dance for the first time as a husband and wife, with a first dream dance.

We thank Barbara and Paolo for choosing us as their wedding photographers.



bride dress wedding photographers photo27



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 getting ready for wedding in lake garda photo27



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spouses wedding at garda lake photographers photo27



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wedding party lake garda photographers photo27

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