Food photography: italian food

 Food photography: Italian restaurant Podere San Faustino.


Photo27 is the photographic studio that specializes in wedding photography, but not only; often establishes collaborations with restaurants, Italian chefs, banqueting and catering who need to have professional photos for their business.

On these occasions, Diego Taroni, pulls out all his creativity and transforms the dishes, already wonderful, into true works of art.

Food photography is for very food lovers that appreciat italian food and all creations of italians chef.

In Parma area, precisely in Soragna, there is PQP - Banqueting con Amore.  Cristiano with Francesca's help offer banqueting, organizing weddings and events.

The PQP team is made up of professionals in the catering sector and is headed by chef Simone Strinati, owner of italian restaurant Podere San Faustino in Fidenza.

The chef bases his skills in the tradition of Parmesan cuisine: careful choice of ingredients, simple compositions, natural flavors and some touch of inspiration.

The acronym PQP indicates the area, Parma, the choice of Quality products, and the last P is Particular because each event is unique and the whole team is dedicated to making it perfect.

Just during a wedding, Photo27 came into contact with PQP and chef Simone Strinati.

The synergy was born there ... the agreement with which the three companies collaborate today.

The Italian food has many facets and, as in art, it takes a lot of creativity, the recipes are interpreted differently by each chef that makes them unique. This is why the word interpretation is often used.

Simone's high cuisine can be seen in the dishes he creates and which he proposes in the banqueting. It combines colors, flavors, territoriality with the most refined ingredients to create something fanciful and different from the usual.

Also in photography there can be various interpretations of a food.

Diego in all food photos looks for the most magical side. He wants to transmit atmosphere, the pleasant intimacy that people want to experience when they sit down at a table.

His photos transmit a sense of wellness, valorizing the food so that there is the absolute desire to taste it.

And that's how you create photos like those posted below: playing with lights, using bright lenses, and letting yourself be guided by artistic instinct.



Food photography italian restaurants

Traditional italian food Podere San Faustino


Italian food photos restaurant

 Food photography italian style

Italian restaurants Podere San Faustino


Cake photography italian food


italian chef food photography Simone Strinati


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