Diego Taroni creates in 2006 the Photo27 photo studio in Milan.

This happens after he enrichs himself with various work and personal experiences that, then, led him to discover the world of photography.

Diego Taroni is the wedding photographer par excellence; talent, technical and artistic skills have took him to succeed in Japan and to be chosen by famous personalities of sport and entertainment.

Diego has a great knowledge of customs, religious and civil rites thanks to the numerous foreign clients who have chosen him in all these years.

It is Diego Taroni who chooses and trains his wedding photographers, so that everyone has the same style "Photo27" and his own professional ethics.

A professionalism that distinguishes it from the "average photographer".

From his team demands seriousness, discretion and attention to everything that happens.

The studio has achieved international fame thanks to the style created by Diego: a unique approach to the photographic moment in which Diego, starting from an apparently confusing situation, manages to cut out what he considers beautiful and transform it into something clean, tidy and magical.

His photos have a unique atmosphere thanks to his ability to capture and exploit natural light.

He doesn't like the artifice of modern photography.

His photography is pure, perfect from the moment of shooting yet.

Diego and his team always establish a very empathetic relationship with their clients; they are a reassuring and never intrusive presence, this allows to create very natural and emotional photos.

Diego collaborates with the most important Italian wedding planners, also taking courses in which he explains the figure of the wedding photographer and giving advice on the perfect organization of all those moments that are photographically important.

It also organizes workshops for photographers who want to improve their photographic techniques.

The Photo27 team is made by wedding photographers and professional video operators specialized in wedding reporting.

Each of them comes from different training courses that, Diego Taroni, has evaluated and implemented with his technique, his style, and discipline.

The Photo27 team chose a total black dress code to stand out and to always look elegant and professional.

Photographers and videomakers work in harmony, a get on well group that is always organized to deal with any kind of situation.

The objective of the photographic studio is to create photographic services that excite and tell the story of your wedding with particular attention to detail.

With extreme delicacy and discretion, the wedding photographers of Photo27 are invisible and are always ready to catch every emotion, every important moment.

With an intimate, refined and emotional style they will be able to tell your story by combining photojournalistic wedding reportage with more refined and artistic shots.

Feature of Photo27 is to always create empathy with the spouses, which, in a very natural way, avoiding the forced pose, collaborate in the creation of wonderful and unforgettable shots of couple, able to capture the light, the atmosphere and love of that moment.

The photographs will be the only memories that will remain indelible over time and which will transmit the essence of that magical day for generations and generations.

In addition to wedding photo shoots, she also produces maternity photos, family portraits, events, fashion, private parties, backstage.

The work of the team always exceeds the expectations of the customers, for the human and character side, and for the superior quality of the artistic product that is delivered.

They rely on the best Italian printers and bookbinders to make wedding albums and photo prints; not only the modern book album but also the classic wedding album,sober, elegant and unique.

The wedding video line, Photo27 Movies, was created to ensure that the couple had a style of video that recalled exactly the photographic style of the studio.

With the collaboration of the best Italian videomakers, experts in the cinema sector, Photo27 makes wedding videos with a cinematic style to create a real movie of your wedding.

The entire direction and editing is followed by the study. Always the same person will follow you for the final realization of the album and video.

Through the creation of a Wedding Trailer of anticipation to the final video, you will see told in a minute, the essence of your wedding, thrilling and intriguing viewers who want to see the full video. 
The trailer can also be seen on You Tube and Vimeo channels.
The studio is open to all those who appreciate quality photography with a certain sensitivity and an artistic flair, and especially education.
Currently we receive customers in four locations: Milan, Novara, Bari and Conegliano Veneto (TV).
Photo27 is also "elite member" of the American BOWP, Best of Wedding Photography, which includes the best wedding photographers in the world.
The studio is also writing to the most famous Italian and foreign marriage portals such as:



Wedding Chicks

Fearless Photographers

Wedding wire

Your perfect wedding photographer



Diego Taroni Photographer

In a general context... in a situation... i simply cut out something that excites me and I turned it into photography... to thrill the other, to move you. With my eye I see things that others see in different forms... playing with the light... with backgrounds... with the details all around you. My eyes are my camera, and I click these moments.

Diego Taroni (Diego Taroni, Owner and President)


Laura Mariani photographer Photo27

I taught Laura Mariani all my knowledge and it is just her who perceived some other aspects and shades in the past years: Photo27 thinking… Photo27 fine view but above all Photo27 heart. For this particular reason there are pictures that you will never understand from which photographer they come from: Diego or Laura? It does not matter… it is a Photo27 shot!

(Laura Mariani, photographer and more)



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